Headphone Hanger Stand, Universal Pc Garming Earphone Holder Headset Mount Under Desk Design with Cable Clip Organizer (Cool Black)



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Great for Desks and Coffee Tables

Soft padded contacts eliminate damage to your living room coffee table or your desk. Clamp opens up to accommodate most desks and tables (7mm – 37mm) and forms a tight fit while remaining easy to remove and move to different gaming stations around the house.

— No bolts, adhesives, or unsightly screws! Just clamp on and off and get back to the game

— Soft padded contacts keep a strong hold on glass, wood, metal, and more

Under Desk Mount for Discreet Convenient Storage

Fits Desks between 7mm – 37mm

With Simple Installation No Glue

Rotating Hook for Easy Access

Intuitive rotating hanger allows for convenient under desk storage and easy access by swinging the hook forward from under the desk

Soft Pads Eliminate Scuffing

Don’t ruin your desk or table with sticky adhesives that leave residue or drill holes with bolts and hardware. Simply clamp on and off

with Cable Clip Organizer

Keep your desk free of loose headsets and avoid taking up even more desk space with pesky on desk headset stands! Store your headsets underneath your desk and Cable Clip Organizer to reduce cable drag and keep a tidy desk!

— Cable clip organizer your headsets cable to reduce clutter and keep your desk tidy.

— Under desk storage reduces desk clutter by increasing the amount of usable desk space.

[Perfect detail quality] The hook and clip are made of silicone pad, which is non-slip and not easy to scratch your things and table. The hook adopts an arc design, which is more suitable for your items.
[Adjustable earphone hanger] It can be easily clamped on tables and tables up to 50 mm thick, and the narrowest to 5 mm. It can be widely used in most tables and tables.
[Multi-purpose headset stand] It is easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers, shelves and many other surfaces. Very suitable for headphones of all sizes, but also very suitable for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets that can be suspended!
[Easy to disassemble and use] The screw clamp is easy to disassemble and can be reinstalled and fixed on the table or desktop without glue! The soft pads at both ends of the clamp can protect your desk or table from damage.


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